The project

The proposed Carlton Wind Energy Project includes five (5) wind turbine generators, a permanent meteorological mast and ancillary infrastructure including site access tracks and substation. It is anticipated that the proposed development would be generating electricity for a period of twenty-five (25) years which is the standard lifetime of a wind turbine.

The proposed development would be situated on farmland to the west of Carlton on-Trent village, the A1 and the East Coast Main Line. To the south is the village of Cromwell. The site is approximately 9.2km north of the town of Newark-on-Trent.The location of the proposed site is shown the Map section Each proposed wind turbine would have a rated capacity of up to 2.5MW, and would be a contemporary three bladed upwind design with a maximum height to tip of 100m.

 Wind turbines are currently in high demand internationally and so the exact model of turbine will be chosen as a result of availability and suitability at the time of construction.

However all assessments into the project will be based upon the Enercon E70 2.3MW wind turbine and the average wind energy capacity factor for the UK (as stated by the DTI (March, 2006)) the proposed development would generate an annual average of approximately 26 200MWh (net) (to 3s.f.) of electricity (26 million units per annum) meeting the equivalent average annual electricity needs of 5 570 homes (to 3 s.f.).

This 5 570 homes corresponds to 12.5% of the homes in the District, and would thereby constitute a significant contribution by Newark and Sherwood District Council towards the UK target of 15% of electricity supply from renewable energy by 2015.