About us

The Carlton Wind Energy Project is being proposed by local landowner, Mr. George Anthony Vere-Laurie. The Vere-Laurie family have a significant local history in the area both as farmers and landowners. They are seeking to diversify and develop new income streams by exploring the potential of their landholding to host wind energy. The farm on which the site is proposed already hosts environmental stewardship schemes and the family sees a contribution to renewable energy as a further step in protecting the environment.

Mr. George Vere-Laurie is following a strict site selection philosophy, which seeks to maximise the generating potential of the available land whilst taking into account localised constraints and minimising where possible the extent of any environmental impacts. During the site design process the Vere-Laurie landholding has been considered against both environmental and technical parameters to determine its initial suitability for a wind energy development and the initial site design which is presented in this document.