The Carlton Wind Farm Project will undertake a noise assessment. There are strict guidelines that govern noise from wind turbines (known as ETSU-R-97).We will ensure these standards can be met in the design of the site.

Noise Monitoring

It is proposed that background noise monitors are installed in the nearest dwellings to the development (at positions to be agreed with the Environmental Health Officer). These monitors, in accordance with ETSU-R-97, will log the existing background noise levels for a period of approximately two weeks. Wind data will be simultaneously collected from a temporary meteorological mast in order to allow a correlation of existing background noise levels against wind speed.

Noise Prediction

In accordance with ETSU-R-97, predictions of worst case noise levels will be made, based on the proposed site layout and warranted noise emission levels for the Enercon E70 wind turbine under consideration for the site. As required within the guidelines, predicted noise levels will be compared with the proposed noise limits contained in ETSU-R-97 over a range of wind speeds from cut-in windspeed to 12m/s during both amenity and night time hours.